Hi, I’m Naila Hadid, and this is my story. I was born in the UAE, in Ajman, but three years ago, I decided to move to the US to pursue a Master’s degree in Genetics. I’ve been living for three years in LA, and I really like it. If you asked me “Why did you choose to study in the US?”, I would tell you - because of several reasons. Getting a degree abroad appealed to me as a great chance to become a real pro in my sphere. I knew the education here differed from the one I could get in my home country, and I wasn’t mistaken. I wanted to become a well-rounded person and discover something new that would help me progress and transform into a better human.

From my first day on the college campus, I was amazed how welcoming and friendly the students were. Having acknowledged I was from another country, they helped me figure out some nuances and things that were unfamiliar and new. It was a big surprise on how much love and respect locals shower on an international student. Frankly speaking, I had no idea how challenging studying abroad would be for me on that first day. My English was far from being perfect, and writing academic papers transformed into a real nightmare. Every time I had to submit an essay or a report, I racked my brains on how to complete assignments having a lack of understanding of the subject and needed writing skills. The other night, I decided not to struggle and to order a paper online. Due to the tight deadline, I picked the first custom writing service on the list offered by Google. I got atrocious writing the next day, and it was a real fiasco. But I never give up! So, I’ve searched for the best writing services for about two years. I checked a pile of websites offering their assistance with college assignments, and I am ready to share my experience with you now. By the way, ordering papers online helped me improve my English. I’ve gone over essays and reports done by professional writers and copied their manner of writing, enriching my vocabulary.

Now, my aim is to help international students transform their day-to-day academic routine into plain sailing. The number of writing services is growing each and every day, so I went in for checking their services. Reading my reviews, you’ll find out about the companies which are a one-stop-solution for students. I’ll help you pick an academic assistant that won’t leave you penniless and will be your lifeline every time you stress over a pile of arduous tasks given by your prof. Check my reviews now and change your student life for the better!


Naila Hadid