Compare and Contrast Essay

Definition and Main Features

Unfortunately, student life is not only about having fun with friends, as learners have to deal with boring papers. Compare and contrast essay is quite a popular assignment among professors regardless of the subject they teach. Because this paper makes you think, analyze, evaluate and share the findings in a logical way. Moreover, you should also demonstrate the gained in-depth knowledge of your paper theme, which is another reason why professors like this assignment.

Paper Purpose

Dealing with this paper, you have to analyze two objects indicating what they have in common and describing their different qualities. However, most students make a huge mistake by discussing the obvious features instead of the subtle ones. Hence we recommend being brave and choose a theme with two subjects that may seem unrelated to you.

For example, instead of comparing the varieties of Matcha, contrast this drink to coffee. So that the paper content will be more interesting and will show that you are an expert in these two different drinks instead of one. We hope you understand our advice, so let's discover how to write a compare and contrast essay.

Choose Your Best Method to Compose a Paper

Every student dreams of writing a successful paper and wants a professor to praise him/her. To make this dream come true, you have to define the method of presenting the gained results. This paper offers two options and we prepared a short description of each of them. Check them and choose your perfect one to organize a paper and impress the professor.

Block method 

In this case, you should devote several paragraphs to analyzing one subject and then go to another one. Students like this organizing method as it looks like a list of points, but it lacks a good comparison and may also seem messy without a structure. If you want to follow this format, we recommend creating the same number of points for both objects.

Point-by-point method 

Another effective way of sharing the results is to devote one paragraph to a discussion of one point. How many numbers should you include? If you strive to get a high mark, you have to include at least 3 aspects.

What Structure and Format Should You Follow? 

Considering the information discussed above, this paper has two structures that depend on the chosen method. By the way, you have to create an informative thesis for compare and contrast essay that states what or who you analyze in your paper.

Block method 


Main body 

➡️ Subject 1 - 📌 Point 1

➡️ Subject 1 - 📌 Point 2

➡️ Subject 1 - 📌 Point 3

Create a transition sentence or a paragraph 

➡️ Subject 2 - 📌 Point 1

➡️ Subject 2 - 📌 Point 2

➡️ Subject 2 - 📌 Point 3




Main body 

📌 Point 1

➡️ Subject 1 vs Subject 2

📌 Point 2

➡️ Subject 1 vs Subject 2

📌 📌

➡️ Subject 1 vs Subject 2


Many students are also interested in the formatting process. Since this is a regular essay, you should follow the MLA style. It is the most simple paper format, as you just have to:

  • use Times New Roman 12 with double spacing
  • make 1″ margins 
  • create a heading 
  • indicate the title in the center of the document
  • start new paragraphs with one half inch indent 

Here is the sample of the first page of compare and contrast essay format in MLA.

mla format title page

Writing Tips for Students 

Brainstorm first 

Find a quiet place and give yourself 10 minutes to brainstorm. Make sure that nothing distracts you, then concentrate on the paper question and quickly write down the first thoughts that come to your mind. This is a great way to determine what you already know as well as discover your weak points. 

An academic paper requires creating a plan 

Unfortunately, most students perceive creating a compare and contrast essay outline as a waste of time. However, it is impossible to compose a meaningful paper having chaotic thoughts. So we recommend following the necessary paper structure and writing down the ideas in short form.

Make a good first impression 

Have you created a new Word file but have no idea how to start a compare and contrast essay? In this case, we have one recommendation for you - think about a hook! It is a vital part that motivates and even encourages a person to read your masterpiece. Pondering how to achieve it? Well, you can make him/her laugh by providing a joke, or you can impress with a shocking fact. Some students prefer to provide a quote or rhetorical question. Decide what works best for you and start creating! 

Get some inspiration 

We are sure that you have already seen dozens of paper samples. But have you looked through them? Perhaps you will be surprised, but the paper samples can inspire and even motivate you to start the writing process! Yes, it can happen! If you struggle with making the first step or you need to find compare and contrast essay ideas, then check what others write. But we want to give one more recommendation - turn only to reliable platforms with essay databases created by professionals.

Did You Compose a Good Paper? Check it! 

Do you want to know if you created an outstanding paper? Then make sure that every part is perfect and does not require improvements.

First paragraph 

✅ Your hook should relate to the paper question. 

✅ You have to introduce the topic by providing background information. 

✅ Compare and contrast essay introduction should have a connection with the main body. 

Main body 

✅ A paper has to include at least one paragraph describing similarities as well as differences.

✅ All your ideas have to be supported with evidence. 

Last paragraph 

✅ It is necessary to restate the thesis and summarize the key points. 

Overall paper

✅ Check whether you have provided only subtle facts. 

✅ Correct all mistakes and typos.

✅ Check the logical connection between paragraphs. 

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Pick Your Perfect One 

📌 Medicines vs natural remedies for illness

📌 Ebooks vs textbooks

📌 Spending time with friends vs with your family members 

📌 Life in a big city vs life in a village 

📌 Two characters from the book 

📌 Brand clothing vs mass market 

📌 Breakdance vs contemporary dance

📌 Classical music vs hip-hop 

📌 Live in harmony vs working hard

📌 Friendship and love 

📌 Messaging in social media and real communication 

📌 Two celebrities: compare your two favorite celebrities 

📌 Solar power vs wind power

📌 Suite vs dress for the party 

📌 Opera vs musical

📌 Remote working vs office working

📌 Studying in the library or at home: what is better? 

📌 Movies vs TV shows

📌 Two novels: choose your favorite books in the same genre

📌 Movie vs book 

📌 Wine vs champagne

📌 Home education and traditional education 

📌 Professional teacher vs tutor 

📌 Two authors: compare your two favorite authors that write in the same genre

📌 Active vs passive rest 

📌 Outdoor activities vs home activities 

📌 Bought gift vs handmade gift

📌 Spend time with friends in the virtual or real world: what is better? 

📌 Should you listen to your head or heart?

📌 Having a successful career vs having a fulfilling personal life