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Updated on 13/01/2023

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Description: Do you want to order paper and are you interested in Dreamassignment.com? Then you should read this ✅ review and find out more info.

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Owned by Not Given
Years in operation 4
Minimal price per page $20
Deadline 24 hours
Revision policy No
Refund policy No


  • Paper samples
  • Online customer support


  • Low-quality papers
  • Amateur writers
  • Missed deadlines
  • No prices on the site

First Impression

Dreamassignment is an average writing service that advertises itself as the best choice for high-school, college, or university students. We didn't really like the design of the site because it looks a little childish.

Remember pictures that you had to paint over with colored markers in your childhood? This is exactly what this service is like.

Apart from a logical, structured horizontal menu, there is no easy-to-read information here.

All promotional materials are piled up in one pile, so it can be difficult for a student to understand how to order paper here or learn about any advantages. And we didn’t find any mention of pricing on the site. This is another drawback.

It is a long process, and we didn't even manage to fill out the online form the first time. The problem is that the site is unstable, and some points may not be available the first time. This is one of the negative aspects that we decided to mention in this Dreamassignment.com review.

Quality of Service

According to the information on the company's website, you can order absolutely any paper. We decided to experiment and pick an analytical review of the "Shawshank Redemption" movie.

We thought it would be interesting. We were told that this is not a problem, and writers can do it for us. Unfortunately, we were disappointed.

Besides the fact that the authors obviously did not watch the film, we found many grammatical mistakes. How can you analyze something without even knowing what it is?

Besides, we did not like the abundance of stylistic errors and logical inconsistencies during sentence formation. In any case, our Dreamassignment review will be negative.

Pricing and Deadlines

Sometimes our team thinks that all bad writing services are created by one company. This is because honest writing services always mention the price for their services.

Here we have not found a single mention of how much it will cost us. It turns out that you first need to order the paper and agree on the final price.

This is a very clever way for a company to make more money. However, we went to this step to show you how insecure it is. We made an order on the website, and the manager contacted us via email.

And we had to pay $45 for our paper. We were also promised that the writer could get the job done in 7 days. Unfortunately, the expert did not complete it within the allotted time.

We found similar problems in other Dreamassignment.com reviews, so we were not surprised.

Types of Papers

Although the information on the site is written rather chaotically, we were still able to find the papers that this company provides. Here you can order homework, essays, term papers, and other assignments. The only caveat is that you will not know about the terms and prices before you order something here.

types of papers

The company also claims that all writers are experts and can create a really good quality paper. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a marketing ploy because you will never know any authors' names or qualifications.

In fact, you need to take these people at their word and send them your money. This is a very important aspect that we want to touch on in our Dream Assignment review. You should first chat with the manager in the online chat before ordering papers.

Special Features

The company has samples of ready-made tasks to check the writing skills of all site experts. This is a kind of example of what you can get if you order paper here.

The fact is that we did not like all the samples here. We want to share important information with you. The fact is that these papers will be radically different from what you receive after paying for the order.

special features

You need to understand that this is nothing more than a marketing ploy so that you can believe in the expertise of local writers. We have read a lot of Dreamassignment reviews, and we understand that this is nothing more than a fake. That is why you need to be extremely careful before you order anything here.

Customer Care

Even though we have read all the Dream Assignment reviews, we were hoping for quality user support. But we were wrong. The managers answered our question only after 30 minutes. Unfortunately, this is not visible in the screenshot, as they hide the response time.

customer care at dreamassignment

But we read a lot of Dreamassignment Reddit reviews and were ready for it. The problem is that they never answered a simple question about the discount. We had to order paper, and only after that, they started a dialogue with us. Is Dreamassignment.com legit? We think it's not.

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Is Dreamassignment.com legit? No, it is not a legit site.
Is Dreamassignment.com scam? It is probably a scam. You should find another service.
Is Dreamassignment.com reliable? This is an unreliable site. You’d better choose a different writing service.
Does Dreamassignment.com work? The site is not working properly. The quality of the papers does not correspond to the pricing policy.


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    HARNEYT4017 says:

    I have ordered several papers and over time your writers even the pro writers continue to let me down I have spent alot of money with your company and I am not getting what I have paid for, customer support thinks the answer to the problem is to offer a pro writer but the pro writer is not cutting it either.

  • avatar

    bsnyderdiffin says:

    Support was great, paper took too many revisions.

  • avatar

    iamthealmanac says:

    unbelievably poor support and service. the two jobs were supposed to be completed by 8pm GMT!!! that's what was promised by kelly yesterday. Instead i have wasted hours going back and forth with their team after spending almost a $1000

  • avatar

    williamb.kelly says:

    A total waste of time and money, its a total con

  • avatar

    cheneldra says:

    I am very disappointed. I made arrangements to have this paper in 48 hours from ordering from a TOP Writer and have granted extensions the the writer to almost day three and I am getting a product that was not delivered how I was promised.


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