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Updated on 06/03/2023

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Description: Prices, deadlines, add-ons, refunds - all in one ✅ review! Learn why I won’t be returning here for more papers.

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Owned by Writeperfect LTD
Years in operation 3
Minimal price per page $11.75
Deadline 1 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes


  • Discounts and promo codes
  • This company offers a variety of services


  • Many writers appear to be ESL
  • The delivered paper needed some amendments
  • Prices are rather high

The time has finally come to tackle my PaperNow review. Read on, and you’ll find out everything about their prices, deadlines, quality, and add-ons. By the end, we’ll answer the question “ legit or not?”

First Impression

The first thing you need to know is that is a part of Cyprus-based Writeperfect LTD, so it’s not an American company, and they do not hire ENL writers exclusively, though they would like you to believe that. The website tries hard to look professional and reliable, but the lack of attention to detail is showing.

For one, the prices are all over the place. There are different rates on the homepage and in the order form. It might not qualify as false advertising, but it still left an unpleasant feeling of being lied to. I could not find any Papernow Reddit reviews, and that’s telling.

Another thing that caught my attention was the negative comments the company reported to Trustpilot moderators. It seems fishy that the company would block negative feedback while many of its positive reviews look fake. Is Papernow legit? I had to place an order to find out, as reviews did not give me much to work with.

Trustpilot's reviews on Papernow

Quality of Service

Regardless of the numerous positive reviews, my paper was a disaster. It was obvious the writer was not a native English speaker, and some of the grammar mistakes were at a middle school level. Moreover, the writer did not bother with research.

They used the first five Google search results and cobbled them together in a mismatched jumble. I was lucky I did not have to submit the essay; otherwise, my Papernow review would have been full of f-bombs. I had enough time to rewrite the whole thing from scratch before submission. As you can probably guess, I’m still waiting for a quality assessment to decide the destiny of my refund claim, but I’m not holding my breath.

Pricing and Deadlines

As I’ve mentioned, the prices are different on various pages, so I wouldn’t trust the numbers outside the order form. After all, you will be transferred to the payment page from there. As far as I can tell, the lowest rate is $8.77, and that’s for one page of high-school-level writing on a 20-day deadline.

The same page on a 1-hour deadline will cost $37.86. My 4-page college essay on a 4-day deadline was a bit over $60. It’s an average price, though I’ve gotten better pieces cheaper.

Choosing order details

The unrealistically short deadlines seem a bit sketchy to me, especially as the company claims they might request additional time if the order is complex. This means you have to pay for the rush, but your order is likely to be late anyway. I wish writing companies would not make promises they cannot keep.

Types of Papers

While I ordered an essay before writing this Papernow review, there are plenty of paper type options available in the order form. Research and term papers, dissertations, reports, and case studies are among the most popular assignments.

The full list of available options includes everything from admission help to tutoring, resume writing, and even copywriting. The subject list goes from Biology all the way down to Social and Political Sciences. There are five academic levels available, ranging from high school to Ph.D.

 The only thing that confused me was the difference between college and undergraduate levels, which seemed the same to me.

Special Features

Is Papernow scam? They sure seem to squeeze as much money as possible from you, considering all add-ons are non-refundable. I wasted five minutes looking for a box to uncheck to remove the SMS notification charge ($3.99). It’s right above the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy consent if you’re wondering.

Total cost and additional features

Aside from that little nugget, you can order all kinds of special features, from a one-page summary ($24.99) to a plagiarism report ($14.99). High priority status ($9.99) seems like a waste of money, and quality check (+70% to order total) is a rip-off. I wonder why not a single review mentioned these add-ons.

Customer Care

If you are wondering, “Is reliable?” contacting the support team is the best way to find out, though I wouldn’t trust everything they say. Like most Papernow reviews, I have to admit the agents were friendly and helpful. Still, they changed their tune the moment I requested a refund.

That’s when they suddenly became unavailable and distant. Papernow is a prime illustration of the old saying, “Don’t judge the book by its cover.” The company may seem legit at first glance, but multiple inconsistencies, poor writing quality, and overall sketchiness make me wary. I will not be coming back for another essay, and I don’t recommend them for your use.


Want to get a poorly-written paper done by not an ENL writer? I doubt it. This service won’t be a magic wand that can save you from your academic problems. They don’t guarantee the highest quality of the delivered papers, so you risk simply losing your money and time. One more thing I didn’t like about this service is that their support agents are extremely friendly when there are no bothering issues, but once you ask them for a refund or another kind of help, they will start ignoring you. Undoubtedly their only aim is to squeeze money from students who can’t cope with a pile of voluminous college assignments. So, don’t let these guys fool you and waste your money in vain. There are better options on the market! 

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Is PaperNow legit? PaperNow is a legit service. It is owned by Writeperfect LTD, a legit academic writing service.
Is PaperNow scam? PaperNow is nearly a scam service. I received a paper that was just a disaster. I asked for revision, but it didn't help. Now, I'm still looking for getting my money-back.
Is PaperNow safe? I believe using PaperNow is not safe. You can get a low-quality essay. However, a money-back guarantee is hardly working in this service.
Does PaperNow work? The platform is working. However, most of its customers are just feeling fooled like me. Just read the reviews on PaperNow on independent platforms to make sure it's true.
Is PaperNow reliable? It is better to stay away from using PaperNow not to lose your time and money.


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    JEDERHUN says:


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    pretty_steva says:

    The worst company ever to order from. Very very awfull company, lies and always asked for days and days of additional time and in the end they don't do the work and always said they cannot find a writer please extend the time. worst company ever and I will never ever recommend any body to collaborate with this service complety a rubbish. Not able to do a simple research from my requested. People just not order anything from them. very poor quality of work. Writer doesn't understand at all the instructions and the team doesn't assign my paper to somebody who has knowledge in PE or Investment banking as I requested. I alsmot do the work by myself. just not professional.Now the new writer also doesn't get what to do. It's just insane this company

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    paypal4jcv2 says:

    This was a basic fill in the blank assignment. A complete section was undone and once I began to verify data, I redid the majority of order correctly. Because my trust in papernow has declined I have to verify all orders and lucky I do! What is happening to this service? It used to be awesome.

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    brayden_lee24 says:

    Did not follow directions at all, wrote the wrong paper twice.


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