How to Write a Killer Argumentative Essay Step by Step

Each student will have to write an argumentative essay at a certain education stage. This is a very common type of assignment. The point is that not everyone knows how to make such an assignment correctly. And the problem is not just the lack of experience but also the consideration of basic terminology. Let's figure out the details so that such a task will never be a challenge for anyone.

The Paper Definition

Let's start from the very beginning. What is an argumentative essay? Let's find out the truth! It is a type of assignment that grants you to focus on a certain event, issue, or problem. The prime purpose of such a task is to create serious grounds to convince someone that certain affirmations are true or false. Typically, students will have to give examples and interpret data to provide evidence.

So, how to write an argumentative essay? Let's check the main types of such assignments first. It does not take a lot of time. There are three main types of such tasks that you need to know about:

  • Persuasive
  • Analysis
  • Personal

The persuasive type of assignment aims to provide serious grounds for compelling something. Please indicate why you are right. Pick some facts and research. Typically, the writer will have to consider different opinions and refute all wrong judgments. Nevertheless, you have to be compelling. The argumentative essay format is also relevant for the analysis assignment.

Typically, students will have to review some other tasks and point out any inaccuracies. To put it another way, you have to analyze a lot. Personal tasks are simpler because you only need to rely on your judgments, proofs, and findings. But you still have to give grounds that you are right.

Types of Arguments and How to Make Them Look Correct

So, the initial stage has passed, and it's time to move on. How to write an argumentative essay step by step? Try to search the grounds. This is not difficult. Let's start with the classic basics. Typically, this is a specific question like, "Why is gender inequality bad?" You need to indicate a certain background and provide proof of your case.

The Rogerian arguments are based on the point of view about an issue with subsequent proof. The most crucial task of everyone is to be consistent and objective. This is the main condition for the problem perspective method to really work. The Toulmin grounds differ from the previous ones in that it is divided into three parts: the claim, the grounds, and the warrant (backup). Take these simple definitions into account and remember to use them correctly.

The Classic Structure of 5 Paragraph Argumentative Essay

Now it's time to turn our attention to the argumentative essay outline. This will help you figure out where to start. Here is a typical structure for such a paper, which is unusually simple:

  • Intro
  • 3-section body
  • Ending

Start your assignment with 3-5 sentences. This will be like your synopsis. And keep going with a rhetorical question, quote, or interesting fact. This is something like a hook that will boost the potential interest of the reader. But how difficult is it to use such tricks? It's easy enough. Here are some argumentative essay hook examples. Check this out!

Let's say you're making an assignment on global warming. Go ahead with a rhetorical question like, "Do you want to live in a world where parts of the continents are flooded with water, and fields and forests have turned into uninhabited territories?" Or you can start with a fact like, "Scientists say there is less than 50 years left before the glaciers completely melt and the world water level rises by 15 meters." A good introduction is impossible without your serious grounds and thesis.

Three sections are the main body of argument for your position. To complete the assignment, you should be aware of the basic requirements. Your first section should have the strongest grounds. This is like an informational foundation. The second argument may be less powerful and be a bit like a continuation of thoughts. Choose any data that is easy to confirm.

In the third part, you should add the most crucial grounds. Let’s say, you should describe the causes of air pollution in Beijing. Point something like, "According to a WHO report, over 48% of Beijing factories do not use a filtration system and pollute hundreds of cubic meters of air per minute." Also, other 5 paragraph argumentative essay examples will be useful.

The final part should have up to five sentences and hold up the main idea of the task. Briefly review those aspects that you paid attention to in the body and prepare a concluding affirmation, such as, "Thus, without control of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, humanity can significantly accelerate the melting of glaciers, global warming, and environmental pollution." That's how to conclude an argumentative essay. It’s as simple as pie.

Other Essay Structures

Want a different argumentative essay structure? Then you can experiment with the basic five sections. Add more data to the body. It's very simple. Use examples, research, statistics, studies, and text citations. Such structure of argumentative essay implies up to four additional body sections. But don't forget the word limit, especially if your professor has given you clear requirements.

Transitional Words for Argumentative Essay

Let's say you understand what structure you desire to adhere to and know where to look for the main grounds. Now let's talk about how clear and readable your section will be. Do you think it takes talent or many years of hard practice? Everything is much simpler. To do this, you need to use argumentative essay transition words. Do not think that it is very difficult.

Think of it as the glue for your suggestions and an opportunity to gracefully move from one confirmation to the next. Use examples like, therefore, furthermore, and anything else to logically combine each sentence. These transitional words for argumentative essay tasks are very important. They help make your assignment more readable. But you need to understand that a reasonable balance is a must.

Top Argumentative Essay Making Tips

Now it's time to talk about the most useful tips. How to start an argumentative essay? You need a powerful affirmation or a question. Let’s say you are aiming to talk about the unemployment rate in North Sudan. Start with a rhetorical question like, "Did you realize that over 80% of the population in North Sudan doesn’t have a stable job or a stable source of income?"

Another important piece of advice concerns selecting good argumentative essay topics. You should find the area that you know best or can quickly find key data. If your professor gives you the freedom to choose, then find the easiest and most interesting topic. It will be outstanding if you use an argumentative essay graphic organizer. This will allow you to navigate the task structure if you have lots of sections, proofs, and counter-claims. Connect each field with lines to understand the correct spelling sequence.

Your task is not to give your opinion on an issue. You should only operate with facts. Don't expect others to accept your claims without proof simply. Find trusted sources that will confirm your case. You don't want your words not to be backed up by anything, do you? Plus, your argumentative essay conclusion doesn't have to be a summary of sections and an introduction.

Write a few final sentences and summarize the main thoughts. Writing an argumentative essay is associated with impartiality and lack of bias. This means that you cannot be negative about certain claims. Just add weighty proofs to refute any false fact.

Useful Checklist

How to write a good argumentative essay? You will need to create a checklist and adhere to each item. Here are just a few of the main points:

  • How catchy is the intro?
  • Are there at least three points to confirm the thesis?
  • Is there any confirmation of your data?
  • Is there an explanation why the opposite opinion is false?
  • Is your reasoning good enough?
  • Is the final section compelling? Did you manage to reveal the topic?

There are many more items that are potentially valid in each checklist. However, this basic set of questions will help you do a really good task and not waste a lot of time.

Argumentative Essay Topics For Everyone

It's time to move away from general advice and recommendations. Here are the most popular argumentative essay topics you should look out for. There is precisely something that will catch your attention. Plus, you can modify any topic to suit your preferences.

Good Argumentative Essay Topics

What's greater than good college argumentative essay topics? As a rule, this is a chance to explore a certain interesting niche or pay attention to modern society's most relevant needs. Pick the area that is interesting for data retrieval and enjoy.

  • ✔️ Is it true that the golden age of cinema is long gone?
  • ✔️ Does smoking affect the formation of a child and immunity?
  • ✔️ The top pressing shortcomings of US migration policy.
  • ✔️ Can you find the right grounds for quitting smoking?
  • ✔️ Does high competition influence the improvement of pro qualities?
  • ✔️ How does the lottery industry influence the formation of irresponsibility?
  • ✔️ Can the Singularity Be Achieved Through Space Travel?
  • ✔️ Can religion cause international conflicts?
  • ✔️ Can war be used as a stimulator of scientific progress?
  • ✔️ Can a permanent place of work form negative habits?

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

Not all people want to spend time researching a complex niche. That is why easy argumentative essay topics will help you not spend a lot of time looking for data, proofs, or refutation of something. Generally, simple topics are the way to practice in front of a really difficult paper.

  • ✔️ The importance of quality education for the formation of social self-identification.
  • ✔️ The reasons for the increase in the number of overweight people in the United Kingdom.
  • ✔️ The influence of the Internet on the quality of modern education.
  • ✔️ The main advantages of the modern education system in America
  • ✔️ MBA program as the best option for every student.
  • ✔️ The importance of free education in modern society.
  • ✔️ The influence of the mass media on the modern political system
  • ✔️ Do US citizens need compulsory military service?
  • ✔️ Why are megacorporations an atavism of modern society?
  • ✔️ Should we drop the college testing system?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Picking controversial argumentative essay topics gives you a lot of room for thought. Typically, this allows students to look at a problem from different angles. For example, you can describe poverty's impact on educational attainment or social inequality as a major barrier to career development.

  • ✔️ Can a long marriage make anyone unhappy?
  • ✔️ Can religion replace laws and regulations?
  • ✔️ Can university education prepare a person for adulthood?
  • ✔️ Can the problem of gender identity become an obstacle to building a career?
  • ✔️ Are women more expressive than men?
  • ✔️ Does morality depend on religion?
  • ✔️ Should abortion be banned in the US?
  • ✔️ Does humanity need to colonize other planets?
  • ✔️ Does one social group have the right to dictate the rules of life for the entire nation?
  • ✔️ The positive consequences of the Second World War.

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

If your advisor is not restricting your creative urges, then you can use funny argumentative essay topics. How about the effect of cheese on increasing concentration? Write such a task about your favorite superhero, or argue for sleep during a lecture. It will be fun!

  • ✔️ Is Superman the most powerful in the DC Universe?
  • ✔️ Can graffiti be considered contemporary art?
  • ✔️ Can a child be taught responsibility by watching cartoons?
  • ✔️ Encouraging learning with sweets and gifts.
  • ✔️ Is an augmented reality necessary to create new social experiences?
  • ✔️ Can Batman be considered the best detective of our time?
  • ✔️ Can bananas turn you into a monkey?
  • ✔️ The importance of comics for creating a friendly office environment.
  • ✔️ How important are 3D games in today's society?
  • ✔️ Can Captain America reflect reality with his shield?

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

How about sports? If your assignment does not have any restrictions on a certain area, you can choose sports argumentative essay ideas. Describe the importance of world records or new achievements that help athletes perform impressively at every Olympic Games.

  • ✔️ How can you help children lose weight faster in training?
  • ✔️ Is it possible to create a flexible approach for students during sports training?
  • ✔️ The influence of doping on the results of sports competitions.
  • ✔️ Is it possible to speed up muscle metabolism with pharmacological drugs?
  • ✔️ How will the sports industry change in 10 years?
  • ✔️ How does physical overload affect college athletic performance?
  • ✔️ Can cardio workouts replace swimming for teens?
  • ✔️ Why has cricket been losing popularity for five years in a row?
  • ✔️ How to Promote Ping Pong in American Colleges?
  • ✔️ Why is powerlifting contraindicated for underage people?

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

How about finding ideas in the field of psychology and self-identification? Such topics for argumentative essay tasks can be especially relevant since modern society is often faced with overload, social pressure, and constant stress. Tell us about the influence of psychology on modern society and how to solve certain problems.

  • ✔️ Why does classical music affect the quality of teaching for adolescents in different ways?
  • ✔️ Are gender stereotypes necessary for raising children?
  • ✔️ Is psychological illness a barrier to social integration?
  • ✔️ Can you be happy without a life partner?
  • ✔️ The importance of psychological influence on decision making in college.
  • ✔️ Methods of treating students with post-traumatic disorder.
  • ✔️ Why can childhood stress cause phobias in adulthood?
  • ✔️ How crucial are social stereotypes of twenty years ago?
  • ✔️ Does morality affect gender equality?
  • ✔️ How to get rid of interracial prejudice in modern society?

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

Not all people can find interesting argumentative essay topics for college. But what about technology? Choose a niche for gadgets, write about modern Internet technologies and the capabilities of computer technology. These are very relevant topics. Plus, you can find a lot of data online.

  • ✔️ The impact of violent video games on the child's psyche.
  • ✔️ Does YouTube need to change video ranking algorithms?
  • ✔️ Are smartphones technologically addicting to today's teens?
  • ✔️ Influence of Internet technologies on the level of intelligence of all people.
  • ✔️ How environmentally friendly are modern electric vehicles?
  • ✔️ Are there any prerequisites for creating a teleportation algorithm?
  • ✔️ Can robots replace humans in modern factories?
  • ✔️ Can humanity create advanced artificial intelligence in the next ten years?
  • ✔️ When will robotic implants replace human limbs?
  • ✔️ Is the digitalization of consciousness possible?

You now have enough options to choose any topic. Find what you like best and start crafting an argumentative essay introduction and other task parts. Good luck!